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12 August 2016

New Product for Out-of-Band Management! USR4204 Console Server & Power Switch

The USR4204 Console Server & Power Switch combines two Out-of-Band products into one powerful hybrid. When your network goes down, securely manage up to four network devices with a single modem from anywhere in the world.  Monitor the power and reboot up to two powered devices (100-250 VAC) for easy power cycling. Conserve rack space with this small and compact unit that easily fits on a desktop, or can be mounted in a standard 19” rack with included brackets. This combined solution is ideal for small branch or remote locations that need to support a small number of devices at a fraction of the cost.

Customer Benefits

• Remote Out-of-Band management solution from a trusted Out-of-Band product provider.
• A combined console server and PDU saves cost and space.
• Use with the USR Courier Business Modem you already have.
• Quickly monitor power, reboot, or configure routers and other network devices from remote locations.
• Reduce rack space by consolidating to a single hybrid and one modem.


USR4204 Out-of-Band Network Access diagram

USR4204 Out-of-Band Network Access diagram

Key Features of the USR4204 Console Server & Power Switch

Console Server
• Switch between 4 serial devices remotely with a modem or locally with a connected terminal
• Serial Ports have 2 LEDs that indicate select, transmit, and receive RS232 Async, full duplex operation
• Supports software flow control in each direction
• 256 byte buffer, 2.5 kb when used with a Courier Business Modem
• Uses standard Ethernet cables to connect the console server to network appliances
Power Management
• Two C13 power outlets
• Remotely power cycle servers, routers or other appliances quickly and efficiently
• Power status (on/off)
• Power meter provides true RMS current measurement of each outlet
• High load rating supports high power rated appliances
• Power state memory – after power failure, the unit returns to previous state

Download USR4204 Data Sheet (PDF)

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