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Add Oil Tank Level Detectors without Adding Phone Lines

New restaurant industry applications are always of interest to Multi-Link because of our long-standing, personal relationships with members the restaurant community. Recently we discovered a new cost-cutting system for frying oil management from Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI) that deserves mention. RTI has developed MaxLife™ Total Oil Management System that is...
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Phone Line Sharing: Top 5 Applications

1. Point-of-Sale system integration 2. Remote out-of-band access for network equipment 3. Automated meter reading 4. Fuel tank monitoring 5. Small Office/Home Office phone line consolidation 1. POS systems in fast paced retail environments typically use broadband for transaction processing. In many cases, dial-up modems are used as back-up in...
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Phone Line Cost Savings Calculator

Telephone Line Sharing Devices allow a wide range of telephony equipment to share a single line, thus reducing monthly telecom costs. Use our tool to determine how much you can save with our line sharing products.

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