What’s New in Telecommunications & Networking

Making Substation Metering More Reliable

“How to streamline daisy-chained substation meters for better connectivity” Since Multi-Link began serving the utility industry in 1995, we have found that many utilities are still frustrated with the pitfalls of daisy-chained meters at substations and customer billing sites. The most common complaint involving substation metering is unreliable connectivity; that...
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Schedule Power Cycles and Save Energy with the IP4000

One of the IP4000's most useful features---remotely rebooting two outlets by browser---is sometimes never even used by the companies that deploy them. If equipment lock-ups are not a problem, the IP4000 can provide a benefit by allowing connected equipment to be powered up and down on a daily cycle.

Multi-Link Replacement Products for Command Communications

If you have used obsolete Comshare line sharing devices (fax switches) and are looking to replace or upgrade those units, then Multi-Link is the right place to source direct substitutes. Command Communications was a private company that manufactured telephone line sharing devices and on-premise paging systems from the 1980’s until...
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Phone Line Cost Savings Calculator

Telephone Line Sharing Devices allow a wide range of telephony equipment to share a single line, thus reducing monthly telecom costs. Use our tool to determine how much you can save with our line sharing products.

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