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18 March 2013

Wireless Last Mile Connectivity for Farm Operations

When farm operations expand, it is sometimes necessary to provide phone and internet connectivity from the main office to remote structures for a variety of purposes, such as security, communication, or monitoring. Two typical connectivity options are 1) Aerial cabling; and 2) Trenching. However, unsightly aerial cables can ruin the scenic value of real estate and trenching can be expensive, intrusive to livestock & daily operations, or just plain impossible.

ZipLink Wireless phone/ethernet extender for afrm Installation

Now there is another choice, The ZipLink wireless Phoneline AND Ethernet extender from Multi-Link.
The ZipLink is a fast, affordable alternative to trenching cables through impassable terrain or across parking lots, streets, or concrete aprons. A typical trenching job would cost $3,500 to get started and average $200/hr in operations costs thereafter. At a fraction of the cost, the ZipLink wireless Phoneline/Ethernet extender can be installed and running in a few hours.

ZipLink Benefits
• NO permits or licenses required
• NO need for surveys or right of way maps
• NO direct burial or aerial cable
• NO radio experience necessary
• NO trenching costs or delays
POTS line and Ethernet connections are extended up to a mile by an encrypted 5.8GHz direct sequence radio signal. The ZipLink is an all-in-one solution that houses all electronics in a rugged NEMA-4 rated outdoor antenna enclosure. Tough enough for permanent installations in demanding conditions (-40°F to130°F), ZipLink is ideal for temporary jobsites and can be reused over and over.

ZipLink  Series of Wireless Phoneline/Ethernet Extenders

ZipLink Wireless Phoneline/Ethernet Extender Data Sheet

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