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20 November 2018

Wireless Last Mile Connectivity for Utility Meters

Don’t let “Last Mile” obstacles prevent the timely installation of your utility meters or bust your budget. Avoid trenching to hard to reach substation and revenue billing sites with the ZipLink 5.8GHz Ethernet Radio, a wireless POTS Line & Ethernet Extender from Multi-Link. One or two POTS lines and and an Ethernet connection are extended up to a mile by an encrypted 5.8GHz direct sequence radio signal.

ZipLink for Substation Utility Meters

ZipLink for Substation Utility Meters

The ZipLink is a fast, affordable alternative to trenching cable through impassable terrain, across parking lots, streets, or where ground substrate is too unstable. A typical trenching job would cost $3,500 to get started and average $200/hr in operations costs thereafter. At a fraction of the cost, the ZipLink could be installed and reading utility meters in few a hours with no radio experience needed to set up the system. Utility meters can be accessed via POTS lines (1 or 2) or 12Mbs Ethernet connection.

Also, since the POTS connection is wireless, there is no need to install a high voltage telecom interface to prevent ground potential rise from damaging the PSTN. Available in 4 models for project customization. Outdoor rated with 256-bit military grade encryption. Tough enough for permanent installations in demanding conditions (-40°F to 130°F), the ZipLink is ideal for temporary jobsites and re-used again and again.


NO permits or licenses required
NO high voltage telecom interface
NO need for surveys or right of way maps NO direct burial cable
NO radio experience necessary
NO trenching costs or delays

ZipLink ships as a complete working system:

  • MASTER and REMOTE end radios; Pre-configured as working pair
  • 2 x power adapters (POE injectors for ZipLink-E and Xtreme models)
  • 2 x 100 ft. of outdoor Cat 3 cable (Cat 5e for ZipLink-E and Xtreme models)
  • 2 x wall pole mount and brackets & all necessary screws, nuts, lock washers
ZipLink Wireless Line Extender Box Contents

ZipLink Wireless Line Extender Box Contents

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