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08 March 2012

ZipLink VoIP Grade Wireless Ethernet

One Mile Range. Two Hour Installation. No Programming!

ZipLink Ethernet Radio

There are numerous wireless Ethernet extender solutions these days. Why is the ZipLink different?

Two reasons:
1) There are hundreds of applications for a simple “point A to point B” wireless Ethernet systems. Businesses need a solution that works right out of the box and a solution that does not require an extensive learning curve.
2) While using a wireless Ethernet extender for Voice over IP traffic may appear to be simple, it isn’t. Just because a wireless radio system is good for Ethernet, doesn’t mean that it will work with VoIP. Bad programming choices during installation can significantly affect VoIP quality. Some wireless Ethernet extenders simply don’t keep working. They often require reboots or power cycles to keep services running.
ZipLink offers a complete wireless ethernet system in a box and can be installed in less than 2 hours. Instead of trying to trench cable, just put a ZipLink outdoor radio at each end, and you’re done. Every thing you need is included; radios/antennas, cables, mounting brackets, nuts, and bolts. No programming is required and in most cases you don’t even need a computer.

Easy to install with no maintenance and one full year of free technical assistance. Call us at 800-535-4651.

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